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Petra and Jane Ramos got together while Jane Ramos was Petra's lawyer during the investigation into Anezka's death. Jane Ramos.

Lina is a good friend, who has a very friendly, straightforward demeanor and is quick to offer her unfiltered opinions and advice. She thanks JR, who responds by calling her Pete. Petra's in a different mode surprised that JR managed it and asks if the reasoning is true, which JR alludes to it isn't.

or. JR seems to like that Petra let her guard down and showed her true self, but doesn't let on. Petra wakes with a start and is surprised.Petra's arrested for Anežka's murder and both Jane and JR show at the station, meeting for the first time, where JR kinda sizes Jane up. She tells Petra that they'll hopefully drop any investigation of Petra and they'll be done, which Petra doesn't seem to want to be. See Photos. When she gets a non-committal response, JR writes that she's out and smashes the phone with her heel. Log in or sign up for Facebook to connect with friends, family and people you know. Jane Ramos is a straight-shooting, tough lawyer who Jane is close to her mother, who sadly suffers from Alzheimer's. See Photos. Upon Jane's mother's passing, Rafael contacts JR and tells her, that Petra misses her and that she wants her back. Guerrero grew up in Boston and remained there after the rest of her family was deported to Colombia. The actor Diego Ramos was cast as Violetta's father following an audition in Europe. Log In. Jane Ramos Ramos. JR shows up at Jane (Villanueva) and Rafael's wedding, and confesses to Petra that she also wants her back. Bilder . JR agrees to do it and later returns to Petra having done the job. Jânê Râmôs (Shina) See Photos. Anežka is the daughter of Magda and the long lost twin sister of Petraand also has a triplet brother named Pyotr. They share a moment where JR walks away and cheekily turns around, teasing Petra who smiles and laughs. Jane Ramos.

When JR reaches her car she finds another phone with a threat, that someone broke in and planted and she's scared. In the season 4 finale, Jane Ramos becomes furious and breaks up with Petra after finding out she lied about the heel because she was trying to protect her daughters Anna & Ellie. Find your friends on Facebook. JR returns and Petra thanks her for returning, but JR's dismissive as Petra called her a hack. They first got together while Jane Ramos was Petra's lawyer during the investigation into Anežka's death. She takes Petra's case, but later talks to someone who clearly knows Petra, about the next step now that she's Petra's attorney.They have wine together and casually bicker about Jane not wanting to go by JR. Jane pokes Petra a bit about why she's so fixated on Jane Villanueva and Petra suddenly reveals why and starts crying.
Jane Ramos is a straight-shooting, tough lawyer who Petra retains as her counsel following the death of Anežka Archuletta. See Photos. Diane Guerrero (born July 21, 1986) is an American actress. After confronting Petra about the heel, she realizes that Petra did kill Anežka to protect her daughters. Top Filme/Serien. She throws JR out and tells her she'll have her disbarred. JR accompanies Petra to the police station, informing her of the procedure and imbuing her with confidence that she'll be okay. See Photos. However, while playing with Petra's daughters, she comes across the broken heel mentioned in Magda's testimony. An hour later, JR's impressed with Petra's strength during questioning. She seems to want a good relationship with her sister at h… They begin to date after they believe the case is finally closed. News. JR restates that she will get Petra cleared and Petra suddenly resumes her chilliness. Furious, JR returns to her office and texts the person she's working with that Petra isn't guilty. They have been friends since school and are very close. Sign Up. In the season 4 finale, Jane Ramos becomes furious and breaks up with Petra after finding out she lied about the heel because she was trying to protect her daughters When Anežka falls off of the balcony in her suite at Once the police show up, things progressing exactly as JR said they would, Petra asks Krishna to get her back at any cost. Darstellerin. Jane … They begin to date after they believe the case is finally closed. See Photos. Lina is the best friend and co-worker of Jane Villanueva. Rosario Dawson. Petra has a dream that JR comes by to give her news that she's free of the case and then they have sex. DVD & VoD. Biographie. When Jane starts working on Petra's case, the blackmailer eventually takes to threatening Jane's mother. Filmografie. Petra gets emotional and explains her situation, how she feels she has no one to lean on. JR gives her advice on how Petra can deal with her conflict with Jane V. Petra thanks JR for her help and in return gets her the blueprints to the hotel and calls her Peter. They decide to smoke out the blackmailer.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Petra's both hurt and feels betrayed that someone she finally could consider an ally, wasn't. The actress Lodovica Comello, who plays Francesca, was attending school in Milan when she decided to participate.. She gets furious and breaks up with … Jane Ramos . Works at Work cagayan de oro city. Videos. Anežka first comes across as very animated, yet shy and seemingly rather jumpy and clumsy, her life in a Czech orphanage with a rat as her only friend had made her fearful and defensive, yet eager to please and enthusiastic in her exchanges with other people. After the case had been closed, Jane and Petra start dating.

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