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Playing around with different class and party combinations is borderline addicting in Octopath Traveler and precisely the customization fix many JRPG fans crave. Even the hardest bosses can be killed in a single attack when you’re this powerful. Octopath Traveler Job Class List: All Skills, Attribute Bonuses, and Weapon Restrictions. Each job is associated with one of the There are 8 starting jobs and 4 advanced jobs for a total of 12 available jobs. Octopath Traveler Job Shrines: All Shrine Locations Listed. This job’s active abilities all center on buffing multiple allies at once, providing health and BP supplements, and weakening several enemies simultaneously. By finding hidden shrines across Orsterra and examining the altars within, Travelers unlock the ability to equip a secondary job.

If you’re looking to power up a support character or master other classes in the game more quickly, the Starseer is a perfect fit.To the Northwest of Riverford in the North Riverford Traverse lies a cave hidden to the south of the northward bridge. He is initially weak to Sword, Axe, Spear, Lightning, and Light. This area of the map features a farm that connects to the Shrine’s dungeon when you approach the cattle and take a hard left.Once you have the Starseer job, you’ll find that it’s one of the best support classes in the game. If you pair certain characters with these jobs, you can defeat even the toughest bosses in a single hit.To create the ultimate party, you’ll want to pair certain secret jobs with specific characters — for example, the Runelord can be incredibly powerful when paired with Tressa the Merchant. Destroy absolutely everything with these insane, over-powered combos in Octopath Traveler. Each Traveler has a job associated with their character which cannot be changed. Give it a try, and let us know how it worked out in the comments section below. These hidden jobs are very powerful. The Warrior skill Thousand Spears is particularly helpful here, as it can strike 5-10 times.Once you earn the Sorcerer class, you find it to be one of the best classes in the game for adding coverage to your party.

Here you can find the Shrine of the Warbringer and the trial you must complete to earn the Warmaster job.Pro tip – If you’ve already beaten Balogar, the Runelord skill Transfer Rune — which allows skills that normally target yourself alone to target your allies as well — makes this battle a breeze. Naturally, these secret jobs are so powerful, you can easily create a party that’s also incredibly powerful. In Octopath Traveler, every character starts with a default class, also known as Jobs. This shrine is rather easy to get to as the overworld path to it is relatively obvious and free of passages hidden by the camera perspective.Waiting at the end of the dungeon and atop an imposing pedestal is The Runelord job is unique among the secret jobs as it augments physical abilities with additional elemental damage. I read that you can unlock the other characters jobs as secondary jobs. Octopath Traveler is a terrific – if flawed – Switch game that makes up for each of its missteps with charming characters, majestic graphics, wonderful music, and stellar combat and class systems. If you make Tressa a Runelord (Runelady? AscendancyMM 2 years ago #1. ‘Rest’ heals, and removes all status effects — combined with Transfer Rune, and it’s the most powerful healing skill in the game. As a Runelord, you can use the Transfer Rune skill, which turns single-target buffs into AOE buffs.

So, you’ve finally done it — you’ve reached the post-game of When you’ve completed your first last boss battle, you’ll be able to go back and complete all the other stories in the game. These hard-to-find jobs boast some of the best abilities in the game and allow for even more robust strategies in battle. The Starseer’s passive skills are all tremendously useful as the Hard Worker ability raises the amount of JP earned from battles and all of the other abilities provide benefits valuable in any team composition. Now, let’s talk about creating the ultimate team. Each Traveler has a job associated with their character which cannot be changed. You’ll see them on the map — they’re similar to the regular Job Shrine.When you enter a secret job shrine, you’ll have to battle a Level 50 boss to unlock the job.

Advanced Jobs. Is it like...permanent? Like the rest of On top of an appropriately leveled party with maxed out jobs and sub-jobs, you’re going to want plenty of recovery, SP-boosting, and BP-raising items.

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