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Autoloaders were developed at the beginning of World War II.Their first combat use was in "tank-buster" aircraft such as the 75 mm caliber Bordkanone BK 7,5 cannon-equipped Henschel Hs 129 B-3. The Soviet IS-3A was supposed to have a similar mechanism installed into it, eliminating the need of a loader, but it was never implemented and the tank itself is just a worse IS-3 with three crew members.Wargaming has now decided to bring this tank to Supertest to test yet another new mechanism: inverted auto-reloading. Actually I took different info from that site, I understood that after you a shot or two it "nests a new drum and at that point you can opt to load that drum and eject the remaining shells in the current drum thereby giving you more killing power now rather than fewer rounds now but suffer longer reload later?? I think it was just a mechanical loading mechanism.This be true. It is so wrong to use an already strong design for this. Keeping it simple, the first reload takes less time than the last one.The idea is to create a heavy tank that favours pronounced attack, able to conserve firepower when the battle slows down or while its changing positions, dealing about 1,000 burst damage when in combat and keep fighting with just one round.No further details were given if the current IS-3A in-game will get this feature if successfully tested, but the main objective is to test a new gameplay concept for an auto-reloader heavy tank that isn’t an IS-3 variant. Just watched the video, and I love the mechanic. When I offered them to send them my videos where they could see that I haven’t done anything wrong they just ignored me. Every Soviet- and Russian-derived tank since the T-64 main battle tank has used an autoloader. how often do I see one of them on stream exasperated state something like "wth?!

If you watch the video and understand, it actually looks pretty cool and well-balanced. Progetto M35 mod. That would be interesting, but it could be overpowered pretty easily.If they implement that then they will have to look at the other autoloaders as well.This is what you should look at. on World of Tanks Supertest: IS-3A Inverse Auto-reloader

This tank is just a normal heavy which gets some extra benefits of a clipper.dude the italian tanks are amazing. I mean in real life you would get out alot of rounds very fast then go to a regular reload speed for all intents and purposes during a long engagement.I would take having a few rounds for an initial clip then load like a normal tank afterwards.

WG is too quick to take the easy route, when if they spent some time getting creative they could do alot more.VK16.02, ELC, AFK Panther, M41, RU251.

Currently there is an end-tier medium line of 11 regular vehicles, and a premium one. 1. small tanks with small turrets and big guns (take the T62 4 RPM as an example). Catch-up Phase : Attempting to reach the standard set by the most developed tank-building nations, it was about more firepower and thicker armor. 1. The italians are awful singeshot tanks and mediocre autoloaders. They certainly aren’t doing this because a Russian autoloader is desperately needed in the game.This design will put any tank it is implemented on on a much higher level. With the introduction of Italian tanks, Wargaming also introduced a brand new mechanism: auto-reloading. Every emo in the game will be crying. Distinguishing features were light armor and various gun calibers. While the Italian top Tier tanks have an auto-reloading that decreases the reload time you load one round into the mechanism, with the Soviet inverted system is just the opposite, it takes longer to reload one the more rounds you have in the mechanism. This Italian revolver of sorts, called an “ Autoloader List - posted in Tank Academy for players BY PLAYERS! Best Tier 9 Autoloader: Skoda T 50. An intra-clip reload of 1.33 seconds allows the gun to unload 330 alpha damage in a mere 2.66 seconds, before only having to spend around 7 seconds reloading the entire magazine.

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