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Weaken the demon with your other weapons, then kill it with the Helsing to get the "Van Helsing" achievement. The second one is a woman in the shower in a house on the left, after the car accident vision. © 2001-2020 dingo webworks, LLC All Rights Reserved The first one is behind the entry door (go down the stairs so the door closes and you can reach the ammo).

Copyright © 1997-2020 Cheat Code Central.

Chapter 23 - The Crossing: After hearing a small fragment of dialogue about wearing clothes past the ad sign, you will be directed up a flight of stairs. Chris A. Mar 31, 2017 @ 3:24pm OK thank you Ace, most appreciated. Shortly after the announcer says "Thank you and please come again", you will get the "Patron Of The Arts" achievement.During the entire "Bridge" chapter, you cannot kill any enemies to get the "Rain Man" achievement. All rights reserved. Look on the chair to the right of the elevator (before using it) to find a diary page.2. Otherwise, the progress will be lost. Metro - Last Light Cheats und Tipps: Komplettlösung, Grafik-Tuning mit SweetFX, Allgemeine Tipps und Tricks, Erfolge, und -1 weitere Themen • … Sneak past them until you come to two guards who are blocking your way.

Near the soldiers is a desk with a diary page on it.18. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Metro: Last Light for Xbox 360. The first one can be found after the playground vision, once you come out of the underground area, in a house to your right (before the car accident vision). Chapter 19 - Contagion: When you encounter a burning area where soldiers are patrolling, one guard will have his back to a subway car inside a large square room. Just ignore the phone and keep walking to get the "Nobody's Home" achievement.During the "Bolshoi" chapter, you will go through a theater.

When he opens the locker, a gun will fall out.

The goal is to simply kill all the mice within the time limit.

Kill all three Watchmen to get the "Forest Guardian" achievement.Shortly after the "Quarantine" chapter begins, you will go past a crowd of people. Search the indicated locations to find all 43 of Artyom's hidden diary pages:1. The diary page is inside that subway car.27.

You can either shoot him in the head or wait for instructions.

The chapter is close to the end of the game.

So only three of them need to actually be found.

Chapter 4 - Reich: At the beginning of the chapter, check the desk straight ahead to find a diary page.5.

You will then be in an office area with a lot of guards. The only tricky part is at the very beginning of the chapter, before getting on the train.

Table for Metro Last Light +16 Table Aobscan Version: v1.0.0.10 / RELOAD & ALI213 emu Cheat Engine: 6.3 / Aobscan INFINITE HEALTH (Thanks to mgr.inz.Player) INFINITE AMMO INFINITE BOLTS INFINITE MEDKITS INFINITE FILTER DURATION INFINITE ELECTRICITY INFINITE KNIVES & BOMBS INFINITE COMPRESSED INFINITE GAS MASK INFINITE CLAYMORES RAPIDFIRE NO SPREAD #12. Chapter 2 - Ashes: Before using the ladder at the start of the chapter to exit through the sewer grate, continue down the path instead. Look left after going up the stairs to find a diary page.41. It is recommended to use military rounds instead of the normal ammo, as it does a lot more damage and will make completing this task much easier.At the beginning of "The Dead City" chapter, you will see a vision of a playground and some children. You can basically do two things to avoid killing any enemies: sneak around enemies quietly or run through the level as fast as possible. In the next room are four ammo stashes. Chapter 15 - Venice: After being lead to a desk by an NPC, look to the left to find a box with a diary page.23. Eventually, you will have to push another railcar out of the way.

Chapter 21 - Khan: When meeting with Khan and he is looking up in a curved chamber, search for a locker near a corpse to find a diary page.30. Our Metro: Last Light Redux +9 trainer is now available for version 04.06.2020 and supports EPIC STORE, WINDOWS STORE, XBOX GAMEPASS FOR WINDOWS. It is recommended to use military rounds instead of the normal ammo, as it does a lot more damage and will make completing this task much easier.

Metro 2033 Cheats. Chapter 14 - Dark Waters: At the beginning of the chapter, look on the boat as you board to find a diary page.22.

Chapter 30 - D6: After the speech, check the radio next to the weapon merchant before continuing to find a diary page near it.43. Metro: Last Light Trainer (PATCH 10.15.2013) PREMIUM. Chapter 11 - Revolution: After encountering three enemies, continue down the stairs, but stop before entering the next guarded area. Defeat the enemies, then grab the diary page next to the torture victim.21.

1. These Metro: Last Light cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.

In the front row, on the right side, is an open seat. Metro: Last Light Redux. There is a red switch.

Follow him to his locker. Let them finish talking, which takes approximately a minute. Give the teddy bear to the child with his mother in the same room to get the "Reunion" achievement.During the "Red Square" chapter, you will hunt down Pavel. Chapter 11 - Revolution: After using the switch to get by the killer fans, check a desk near the switch to find a diary page.17. The third one can be found when taking the stairs down the roof, in a small side room. After finding all stashes in Sundown, you must complete the chapter. Chapter 9 - Bolshoi: When Pavel says to continue onward after getting past two sentries, step through a blanket to find several bunks. Chapter 11 - Revolution: When you encounter a soldier working out, defeat the roaming soldiers, then check the back corner of the room to find a diary page.16. To get the "Revenge" achievement, Pavel must die. Do not go anywhere near the exit door. You can find the Helsing at the very end of this underground area, in a corner.

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