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The basic gameplay is very similar to the previous A two-player co-op mode is also available, in which a second player plays as Luigi accompanying Mario in the single-player game; both players may select which character they would like to be, however.

Each player also has their own item storage, which can be accessed at any point. Morph Mushroom: Mario has the ability to morph and confuses enemies During the story, standing on the balcony of Peach's Castle, Mario and Luigi wave goodbye to Princess Peach to go on a coin hunt as Raccoon Mario and Fox Luigi. Worlds World Description Boss Enemy course How to unlock World 1: Mushroom Kingdom Mario begins his journey here. However, as soon as they return, the Koopalings suddenly appear, crashing their Koopa Clown Car onto the ground, as well as damaging the brothers, making them revert to Super Mario and Super Luigi. Two more packs were released on October 25, two more were released on December 5 and the last two was released on December 20 (North America and Europe) and December 21 (Japan and Australia). In total, there are ten course packs available for purchase. Goomboss Koopa Beat World 1 World 3: Mount Mushroom Mario gets chilly in this world. Water Mushroom: Mario has the ability to shoot a jet of water that stuns enemies and allows Mario to walk on water. return, along with these new ones.
In North America, the game received a special edition Nintendo 3DS XL with all ten downloadable course packs pre-installed during the 2014 holiday season. All the items from New Super Mario Bros D.I.Y. New Super Mario Bros. 2 (New スーパーマリオブラザーズ 2 Nyū Sūpā Mario Burodāruzu Tsūo?) After defeating all of the Koopalings, the brothers head out of When Mario and Luigi arrive at Bowser's Castle, they find During the credits, the Koopalings can be seen in the background carrying the now regular-sized Bowser with the Koopa Clown Car. Yusuke Anamo was thinking about how to make the game more replayable, but also something that could be played even in free time. Kamek Ice Bro Beat World 2 World 4: Koopa beach Mario takes a dive into the water in this world. If you beat the game once, then you can play as the Shadow Bros. Multiply flower: Gives the ability to multiply the character to defeat harder enemies easier es un videojuego de plataformas de desplazamiento lateral perteneciente a la serie Mario desarrollado por Nintendo para la Nintendo 3DS. This mode can only be played with two Nintendo 3DS consoles and two game cards. Roy Koopareveals Princess Peach fro… Petey Piranha Goomba Default World 2: Shroom desert Mario needs to bring lots of Fire Flowers to complete this world.

Beating another player's record results in getting a The service started on October 2 for Japan, Europe, and Oceania, and October 4 for North America, featuring three course packs. Several mechanics from the Coin Rush records can be exchanged via StreetPass and challenged. Earlier in development, a prototype mode featuring both Mario and Luigi in the single-player stages had been developed.

In Europe, the game received a Nintendo 2DS bundle which in addition to the game also includes all ten downloadable course packs pre-installed.

The story's description concludes with the Koopa Clown Car crash-landing, scattering everyone throughout the ground. The focus on coins came about early in development, with Implementation of the co-op mode was originally met with conflict; Tezuka suggested adding it, but the staff opposed him due to being unsure on how it could be implemented, and that it couldn't be done within the remainder of the given development timeframe. Its story takes place after the events of New Super Mario Bros., but not the events of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The gameplay is not much different from the single player, although in co-op coins and lives are shared between the two players, with each collected coin or extra life earned (though not collected) counting as two. It was then that they decided to incorporate collecting large amounts of coins into the new mode.

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