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It may certainly be enough for lower tiered vehicles though.Well WN8 isnt accounting for assist damage, which is a rather large component of marking a tank. Stuff like this is why some players have an easier time doing damage on a loss then a win. The t-34-85 has a similarly awesome gun - keep it singing and good things happen for your both you and your team! Winning 1 more game out of 100 doesnt look like a big difference but would increase his win rate by 1%.This discussion is similar to the one where you need full premium ammo to get 3 marks. I'm usually a heavy tank guyQB is wrong. World of Tanks: Blitz did an awesome job of bringing the PC hit to mobile platforms..

The higher the tier, the better the tank. Your old, "bad" games will eventually cycle out.If I want to do MoEs on a tank I only play this tank about three times per evening and only if I feel fit and concentrated. Also direkt von Wargaming. 33.

We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! British tank destroyers have good armor in addition to excellent cannons – but they’re slow and less maneuverable.

*** world of tanks - general tips *** 1.

3.5k-4k wn8 simply isnt enough to 3 mark a T10 tank (depending on expected ofc). I'd love to be able to be consistent enough to actively work for the third mark.No offense but at this point I don't think the stats matter. There is more strategy involved and your playstyle will adapt according to what tanks the enemy team has (and you will learn the different top tier arty gun arcs, splash radius, dmg, AP spam or not).Thanks for your opinion. Daher sind alle Daten auf allen Websiten nur Richtwerte (Ausnahme offizielle WG-Seiten ). Abandon positions (and teammates) you think will be overrun and try to get as much damage out of their deaths as you can. Description. 200 pen will let you score damage in situations that 144 won't and lets you play safer as a result. Like 65-70% solo win rate. I didn't even like it that much, but... star! For a course of around 3 months (according to dpgwhores) I was pulling the #1 damage in the Obj. I like to 3-Mark tanks as a way of showing off my skill and because I feel it's the ultimate benchmark of skill. The download link for World of Tanks Cheat is located at the bottom of the page. I'm by no means a great player, or even a good one - I'm either top of the team, win or lose, or I'm dead within the first few minutes of the match, and can't seem to find a middle ground.Somehow my inconsistency managed to smooth itself out long enough to get the marks, or the tanks I drive are anomalies. You will definitely win a lot if you try and do as much damage as possible as fast as possible, but sometimes the end game will ask you to use your HP to help out your team to win.

(One of my games that I linked on wotreplays sounds very similar, I did 2.9k damage, of which 1.8k was done while at 41HP. Decent players can easily capitalise on this by just farming them.

Exception is for your campy TDs.For medium tanks: Spotting damage is easier than doing damage. For example, you can say that you need help or ask teammates to join your offensive. Hi Everyone, I've got about 2.2k battles under my belt, with relatively decent stats as can be seen here: There's two tanks which I feel I can collect the mark on but I'd like to focus on my T-34-85. My point is that it's less about winning and losing as it is the length of the battle.Skill decides to stay in the back and farm damage since he was close to his 3 mark but it turned a game that was possibly a loss into a certain loss.Yes in the video the few times QB happened to look at Skill he was back there, but if you watched Skill's stream, or paid attention to the map you would have seen Skill venture up to the center line a few times, and retreated because of the circumstances of the battle.In defense of QB, there is a different mindset that goes into the playing this game, depending upon what your goals happen to be.If you only care about win %, then you're going to play like QB and be of the same beliefs that he expressed.If you care about marking a tank, you're going to be aggressive and play similarly to that of win % players BUT you're more apt to let a teammate die so that you can egress out and get more damage than you would to try to press forward to save them, as a teammate living or dying doesn't impact our ability to gain damage/assistance damage.If you only care about wn8, you're going to play aggressively but the actions that would be taken to gain marks or higher chances of winning are going to be of less concern and pure unadulterated damage is all that you seek.I think where QB messed up is that he made it sound like each one of those options are independent of the others.

To that end, he was wrong. In addition to the obvious – inflict damage and kill – you locate as many enemy units as possible. die zu Grunde gelegten Werte kommen von der WoT-API. Go for track shots whenever you can also damage them, as any assistance damage you get applies to the marks. The Maus, which I'm quite close to 3-Marking, is at around 3400DPG, and I believe the T110E4 is around the same level. The difference between the weight of your tank and the enemy’s defines who deals – and who takes – the most damage. Getting 1k in a loss is vastly preferable.So, push your pride to the side, and find positions that won't (That said, I've had some monster turn-around victories when I employed this strategy with the M103 because I was able to keep my awesome gun singing for a very long time.

32. I know, because I tend to think this way too. Understanding team composition, and which tanks have good/terrible players in them, helps tremendously.I recently got the MOE3 on my M-103.

We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! It is also often the case that players are not sure how exactly their actions will end up influencing the battle - there have been many times I've disengaged to take out a lone threat, which turned out to be the wrong decision.Regarding the second point, in certain situations a loss could be advantageous, but it's not always the case, nor is it necessary to lose in order to do well. In my comet: Match on a desert map with heavy corner bottom right and field in middle and valley right (can't remember map) i go valley and get dropped to 50hp by t9 tanks within a couple minutes doing only 400 dmg myself. So no way "you win less".skill is a really good player tho. Side by side with Heavy Tank to flanking the enemy tanks.

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