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0 Reviews In Australia, look for kangaroo!Of course, the obvious way to get game meat is to hunt it yourself, and if that’s an option for you (or for someone you know who’s willing to share their bounty): great!

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SHOP ABOUT US. Help. All Rights Reserved. Here’s a guide to game meat for beginners: what it is, how it tastes, how to cook it, and where to get it.This probably won’t be useful for experienced hunters – if you’re already bringing home the venison on a regular basis, you know everything in this article already. As previously mentioned, wild game is very lean, which means that if you cook it too long, the meat is sure to dry out big time. And yes, Here’s a rundown of some common types of game meat, where you can get them, and how you can cook them once you’ve found them.All kinds of animals are hunted for game, depending on the area of the world. And if you can find a free-range farm that lets the animals express their natural behaviors, the nutrition will probably be close to what you’d get from actual game. This is by virtue of the wild grazing that all our venison, game birds, and rabbits enjoy, maturing on a mixture of grasses, herbs, and flowers. Game is a supremely healthy meat, being exceptionally lean though rich in protein. Tired of walking past the pheasants in the freezer case with a curious glance and a resigned sigh when you remember you have no idea what to do with them?

GAME MEAT AND CHARCUTERIE. In that sense, it’s closer to the kinds of meat that would have been available in the Paleolithic: generally higher in protein and lower in fat, but higher specifically in Omega-3 fats. Game Meat fans should check out our selection of big exotic game like ostrich, wild boar, venison, rabbit and more. Another classic tactic is to add some more fat to the dish.

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The Wild Meat Company source and sell venison, game birds, rabbit and even squirrel entirely from farms and estates in east Suffolk and deliver it to your door. SPECIALITY SAUSAGE. There is only one hard-set rule with cooking wild meats: don’t overcook. Some people absolutely love this and find regular meat bland in comparison. stew made with half bison and half sausage); you could also go for the time-honored “wrap it in bacon” trick.If you’ve got something even more unusual, you could also take a look at Hank Shaw’s blog Game meat is an interesting way to expand your culinary horizons and put something new on the table – all nutritional considerations aside, it’s just kind of Venison is also particularly rich in iron, with its fine-grained red meat boasting real flavour.

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